• Café rendezvous – talks
      In the Downtown Cafe

      The section in the Szekszárdi Vasárnap (Szekszárd Sunday) entitled as above is soon to celebrate its twentieth birthday.
      Ever since it opened, Downtown Café has been the venue for this whole-page article introducing interesting people..
      The “Café rendezvous” series – already published in two volumes containing intwerviews with 300 citizens of Szekszárd – were followed by the “Coffee with double cream” where two people talk about their lives, work, hobbies and readers can see the photos made during the interview.  
      People glasdly come for an interview to Downtown Café situated in the city centre as many of them are familiar with the high quality service there, the intimate and elegant surroundings, and those who come for the first time are happy to have discovered it and many of them become regular customers.
      As the writer of the series I am always happy to do the interviews in this old-fashioned but elegant café where the staff is nice, professional and where simply everything is perfect.
      Enjoying the hospitality of Downtown Café interviewees are glad to accept the invitation so the talks accompanied with a delicious cup of coffee, cappuccino or a light drink can last hours.
      Although next year we are celebrating our twentieth anniversary, I have decided to bring the series to an end.
      However, I am going to continue attending Downtown Café with a new and even more interesting series, the details of which I cannot yet reveal. The only certain thing about it is the venue where all the participants of the series, myself the writer and our photographers all feel well taken care of: Downtown Café.

Sas Erzsébet journalist